June 04, 2015 - 04:26 AM

After countless hours flying, I've finally made it to Vietnam. On my way here, I got to spend a night (well eight hours) on Bangkok before heading back to the (old) airport for the next plane. Despite never even getting to see the city in the day light, I could tell the city wasn't for me. I won't be too anxious to get back there for my flight out.

Saigon, however, is far better. Not greasy like Bangkok and the people are much less pushy. There is still a good risk of being run over when walking on our across streets, but that seems to be expected in cities.

I'll be spending the next day or two looking for a bike and getting tips from people who have been traveling by bike. From what I've heard so far, everyone gets scraped up, but I fortunately haven't heard of anything awful happening to people.