Almost There (?)
June 02, 2015 - 06:12 AM

After countless hours of racing the sun into the west, I've finally made it to my first layover at Tokyo-Narita. Walking out into the terminal after thirteen or fourteen or hours of sitting in the same seat was very much akin to stepping out of a dark club at 11 am, still buzzed. Needless to say, walking did not come easily.

Now I get to enjoy another three hours of sitting in only slightly less dim light. At least there is free WiFi and power outlets. After this, I'll catch the next flight to Bangkok where the sun will finally take its win and the night will finally catch up. From there, I'll only have seven or eight hours in Thailand before the next plane to Vietnam where I'll get to looking for a bike immediately (granted they let me in).

Also: Phone typing sucks.